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So you got bored and arrived at this site. Welcome, pretty human!

This is a no brainer-amateur site, a work in progress. Slowly putting in contents (or still thinking about it) for you to kill your time. Explore around, and get in touch.


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San Christobal, Laguna, Tenerife Canary Islands


A written memorabilia of few travels I had in the Philippines and abroad. Looking back on what to do and to look forward on a solo travel, up to enjoying trips with friends.

2013 Throwback: The first time getting married

Nursing confessions.

What’s inside a nurse’s mind? Here lies my nursing confessions, people I admire in the field and anything else really as long as you can squeeze the word “nurse” in it.

2020 is a new year: some wants to skip it, while I choose to mull over the lessons it brought to the table (and to my caramelized peanut).

C’est La Vie

I can’t deny how I much overthink, as if it’s the only thing I do in a day. Even so, you might relate to how I look at the world, people and life in general. You’ll get what I think watching 5 people in a bus and crazily formulating what their life has been.

Let’s talk about

How to keep up with London living


Things to love in London


Thoughts you should drop to get started


Top money drainer

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Day to day London Living

Not so recent writings

I promise to the Old Gods and the New to write more contents as the thought comes [closing Amazon tab now]

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Who’s the memory hoarder?

I am no professional writer. I just enjoy writing down my thoughts and doing “little projects” where I can express myself. I enjoy playing words since grade school and although my permanent job makes me draw drugs in syringes everyday, there’s a gravitational pull so strong which always leads me in typing on my keyboard and write memories.

I am a self-diagnosed ‘drama queen,’ so bear with me if my writing starts to be overly cinematic. But hey, I hope you have a great read.

If you got bored scrolling your Netflix ‘not so interesting movie list,’ send me a message and let’s google together “why-Netflix-gone-crazy.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Doubt kills more dreams more than failure ever will”

Suzy Kassem